This email was sent to several Lensmasters. One of whom has suggest I post it on this blog rather than it be buried in a thread on Squidu Yuku.

Today I want to address a problem that’s been brewing and about to boil over.

Here’s the deal as straight as I can put it.

For the past few months I’ve been putting out fires that are started by various negative comments that are being made on SquidooHQ, the Squidoo Forum, Facebook groups and the Yuku Forum. Yes, I know that Yuku exists, not because I read it but because I have lensmasters sending me threads that they believe are inflammatory. I am simply tired of putting out fires that take time away from other community activities.

What you say off of Squidoo is your own business as long as you’re not publicly calling out other lensmasters or the SquidooHQ team, that is a TOS violation and not in the spirit of the Giant Squid program or the Squidoo community.

However what you say on official HQ blogs and forums is my concern. The constant negativity and inflammatory remarks are coming across as extremely mean spirited as opposed to constructive criticism. They are also affecting the overall health of the site. There are tens of thousands of people on Squidoo who want to participate in quests, create new lenses, read HQ tips and enjoy the site and that’s very hard to do when their comments, suggestions and ideas are met with constant negativity.

Reacting to a new features or tools by asking questions or giving feedback is fine. Expressing your opinions is fine. However what I am seeing time and time again is a steady stream of hatred in various degrees toward the members of the Squidoo HQ team and the site itself.

So here’s what I’m saying loud and clear…

You’re welcome to participate, create lenses and otherwise use the sight as it was intended. We’re happy to encourage and support the positive efforts you make here on Squidoo.


If you were banned from the SquidooHQ forum there was a reason for doing so.

If you have feedback or a complaint please use the feedback form and refrain from e-mailing the SquidooHQ staff.

If you find that you’re no longer happy with the policies and community here on Squidoo you’re welcome to move on.


-Bonnie Diczhazy
Squidoo Head of Community

What are the thoughts of other lensmasters, past and present? Has Squidoo gone from being guided by friendliness to being ruled by fear? What would you do if you were running the place?

As one lensmaster said: “When a company treats people like crap, they should expect for those people to say so. Publicly.”

NOTE: This is my last post on this blog. This blog will remain here, but myself and my web partner Greg are moving on to an exciting new project. A niche which has an already large audience, not one with a readership that is shrinking.

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Seems we have sprung a leak

Set says “the boat is slowly sinking“.

Set is a man of analogies, and sometimes they fit quite well. On one hand his admission in that post surprises me. Don’t get me wrong, it is obvious, but I’m surprised that he’s come out and admitted it. Though on the other hand I wish he splashed out on an extra 500 words to tell us what his intentions are.

Here’s an analogy of my own:

Squidoo used to be a yacht. A beautiful splendid yacht.

Spammers thought it was a speed boat. A swift fast speed boat.

Recently Squidoo HQ have been treating it like a Roman galley. A three tiered trireme with lensmasters chained to every oar and being whipped because the guy manning the rudder took us into pirate infested waters.

What are your thoughts about Seth’s open and honest assessment? Here what others are saying.

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