Startpoint.Biz Unveiled

Recently, without fanfare or confetti and streamers, we unveiled the new site

Probably sooner than anticipated, due to the sudden flurry of activity involving the upcoming HubChallenge. And as such there are a few teething problems. But not that the average visitor will notice, just some backend configuration conflicts. Greg’s back in the engine room right now as I type this, banging all the suspicious looking parts with a hammer.

I’ve been posting more frequently on the Lensroll Blog on a variety of topics. We felt that the blog should get back to being just about Squidoo related ideas and tips, as the domain name doesn’t lend itself to expanding into other territories. If a non-Squidoo webmaster finds us because of an article on keywords we’ll waste precious time and the chance of losing him/her because they’re going “what the world is a ‘lensroll’?”

We’ve got a lot of information and contacts that has to do with starting a business, or having a business already but starting online with the promotion. Or having an existing business online and making a new start. Hence the name: This can be your startpoint for your new business start-up or your business growth.

There will still be a strong focus on writing great content, but we’ll also cover promotion, SEO, marketing and other important areas. From a unique viewpoint.

In short, we’ll be blogging away at both sites. About different things. Occasionally related. But no duplicates.

Bookmark both sites, and if you feel inclined, join in the conversation. Feel free to ask questions, acknowledge my brilliance, or disagree with me. I’ll be posting at least once a week here, and twice a week over there. More if there’s plenty of visitors and a few interesting questions.

Head on over there now, just click on this link:

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