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Official Announcement: Lensroll Directory Closed

I’ve been getting a lot of emails asking what happened to Lensroll so I guess it’s time that I shout out the official word. The directory of Lensroll has been permanently shutdown. Let me explain. About a month back Glen shared  a short message he had gotten from a fellow Squidoo user. He had received […]

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Lensroll Goes Dark

On January 18, 2012 at 8:00 am until January 18, 2012 at 8:00 pm Lensroll Goes Dark to protest SOPA/PIPA and Internet Censorship. SOPA, H.R. 3261 and PIPA (Senate Bill S. 968) are two versions of the same anti-piracy bill. Both are intended to curb online piracy. While SOPA has been shelved indefinitely due to political pressure […]

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Making Your Link More Powerful

Over the past 4 years has quietly grown into the Internet’s largest, most well-known directory of Squidoo lenses. This didn’t happen just by chance or over night. We kept our eye on the things that are most important for a directory.  The ability to deliver a trusted link that can stand the tests of […]

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Lensroll Returns Stronger, Faster, More Powerful

Here’s the story: two guys get together and build a website directory for prompting Squidoo lenses. One guy had the idea and the other guy was just crazy enough to try and pull it off. After a few weeks of experimenting they hit upon the idea of using Pligg because it would allow them to […]

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Popularity Contest

As you all are aware, is a site much like Digg, but you can only submit lenses. In addition to having the opportunity of being featured on the front page you also get yourself a dofollow backlink to your lens. So it’s a good first step on your Lens Promotion to do list, straight […]

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Case Of Missing Lensroll Bookmarks

Do you have this problem? “What happened to my Lensroll bookmarks? I’m sure I submitted my work to  the Lensroll directory but they are gone. I don’t understand.” If you do, this might lend you a hint as to where they may have gone. Reasons a bookmark may be missing from Lensroll: Title was in all […]

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