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shut happens

Official Announcement: Lensroll Directory Closed

shut happensI’ve been getting a lot of emails asking what happened to Lensroll so I guess it’s time that I shout out the official word. The directory of Lensroll has been permanently shutdown.

Let me explain.

About a month back Glen shared  a short message he had gotten from a fellow Squidoo user. He had received the message from Gil.

“Google is about to release a major update to their Penguin algorithm, which is focused on link building tactics. Unfortunately, sites like and are no longer considered white hat.”

To us the message from them was crystal clear. In their eyes we had become bad neighbors. (If you do a quick search you will find Squidoo’s position on incoming links)

So without hesitation, Glen and I discussed and weighed all the factors and came to the conclusion that Squidoo HQ had already made up it’s mind about us.

The short of it is Squidoo might flag a lens as spammy just because of it’s incoming links. So with that it mind we thought it best to follow Tim’s lead and close down the Lensroll directory too.

We did not want to be the cause of any rash judgments handed down to a lens as it is well known to any user of Squidoo that they have their own internal ranking system and wield that sword recklessly at times.


I spent the better part of 7 years perfecting an open source code called Pligg to run the directory so forgive me if I appear to close to the subject. I taught myself  how to code, fought and won battles of malware and defeated the spammers. Basically I’m  damn proud of what we were able to accomplish.

The sites own statistics clearly showed Google did not appear to consider us a bad neighbor. Traffic had been steady for 6 straight years. 90 percent of organic search came from Google. Bounce rates were in the 50’s. We had survived all of the previous updates that Google had thrown at us.

Not to mention there were plenty of pleased users too. There was a real community of real people. Over 5000 comments and climbing daily. Real participation!

I personally think that HQ is paranoid and jumped the gun. Lensroll was not hurting them. What’s hurting them is their own stupidity. Knee jerk reactions rarely payoff in business.

I regret that Zujava, Hupages and Wizzley users were caught up in this. The directory had over 50,00 Squidoo lens submission which made up about 85% of the site. To delete all lenses only would have had the same affect, rankings wise,  as shutting it down entirely.

We want to thank everyone who helped us grow over the years. Without you we would have been just another place card on the Interwebs.


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Lensroll Goes Dark

On January 18, 2012 at 8:00 am until January 18, 2012 at 8:00 pm Lensroll Goes Dark to protest SOPA/PIPA and Internet Censorship.

SOPA, H.R. 3261 and PIPA (Senate Bill S. 968) are two versions of the same anti-piracy bill. Both are intended to curb online piracy. While SOPA has been shelved indefinitely due to political pressure the fight against PIPA continues.

Here are a few useful resources on the topic:

Legal expert says online piracy bill is unconstitutional

If PIPA passed it could possibly pave the way for blocking domains. Something China does daily.

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Making Your Link More Powerful

Over the past 4 years has quietly grown into the Internet’s largest, most well-known directory of Squidoo lenses. This didn’t happen just by chance or over night.

We kept our eye on the things that are most important for a directory.  The ability to deliver a trusted link that can stand the tests of time and to send real visitors to a lens.

Together, with much help from Lensmaster’s, we took the time and did it right. There is no trickery with regards to on page optimization, internal site structure or in coming links. We play it straight forward. Simply a place to share and discover new things.

So how can you leverage our hard work and’s linking power?

Roll other peoples submissions.

They work as hard as you do and would like just a smidgen of recognition every once in awhile.


Be even more social by commenting on others work.

Sharing is caring.

At the bottom of every post there are social buttons like Facebook and Twitter. Go ahead. Try em out.

The days of one and done marketing are over. A social element has been added into the algorithm and if you don’t engage you will not survive.

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Lensroll Returns Stronger, Faster, More Powerful

Here’s the story: two guys get together and build a website directory for prompting Squidoo lenses. One guy had the idea and the other guy was just crazy enough to try and pull it off.

After a few weeks of experimenting they hit upon the idea of using Pligg because it would allow them to create the site to do this, but do it in a fun way, with it’s voting system and other social features the software had to offer.

It took months upon months of work to create and maintain the site. Over time the site has become fairly popular and draws a decent crowd. During that time they have fended off many attacks to the site. At times it felt like a losing battle fighting off the hackers. The site is now four years+ old and stronger than ever.

Fast forward to 2011….

Over the past month the site has been attacked by, as Glen puts it, naughty kiddie scripters. In the past we had time to fix the problem before the spiders came a crawling. Well now-a-days, with the changes in Google, results are determined in minutes not weeks. As a result Lensroll was presented with the infamous Google Attack Site award. Not once mind you but twice!!

Well….enough of that crap! Time to make changes.

It took a little time but we have revived Lensroll. The scripts running the site are up-to-date and the entire database has been restored. We have a new look, we’re faster and we have new functions that we’ll be adding in the next few weeks that will make your time here much more productive and powerful.

You may see a few hiccups from time to time so please bare with us. There are  a few tweaks that need to be made and maybe a new look for the blog  too.


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Popularity Contest

As you all are aware, is a site much like Digg, but you can only submit lenses. In addition to having the opportunity of being featured on the front page you also get yourself a dofollow backlink to your lens. So it’s a good first step on your Lens Promotion to do list, straight after you’ve hit publish on your quality lens.

When you get down to basics, is a popularity contest. The most popular are featured on the front page (as well as me skimming through the submissions list every morning and opening up interesting lenses and bumping to published status if I enjoy the read). To do something different, we’re trialling a new way for you to prove just how popular you are, by allowing anonymous voting. One vote per IP address. So after you’ve submitted your lens to, send your unique URL to your family, friends and work colleagues and ask them to open the page, and click on Vote. They don’t even have to sign up at the site.

Because lets be honest, most of your fan base isn’t going to be made up of Lensroll registrants, or even Squidoo Lensmasters, but people you know. And it’s about time they got a chance to give you a big thumbs up!

So stop by and submit your best lens, and lets see it voted up to the front page.

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Case Of Missing Lensroll Bookmarks

Do you have this problem?

“What happened to my Lensroll bookmarks? I’m sure I submitted my work to  the Lensroll directory but they are gone. I don’t understand.”

If you do, this might lend you a hint as to where they may have gone.

Reasons a bookmark may be missing from Lensroll:

  • Title was in all CAPS
  • 4 or more lenses were submitted consecutively
  • Unwanted content
  • Titles stuffed with keywords

The last one is a real pet peeve of ours. Here’s an example of what we’re talking about;  Blue Widget | Pretty Blue Widget | Best Blue Widget.

This tactic for writing titles was taught by several seo’s a few years back but now-a-days has more of a negative impact on your listing. It’s consider a spamming tactic.

The web is a dynamic place and has evolved well beyond stuffing titles with keywords. Chances are if your title is excessively stuffed with keywords it will be bull-dozed into nonexistence.

If you need examples of what we consider good title writing you need look no further than the directory. There are plenty of great titles to learn from.

Learn how to write good titles that catch the readers attention and makes them want to click rather than trying to force a search engine into knowing what your content is about. Rest assured the se’s will figure it out.

Another reason bookmarks might be MIA is the content they consist of. We accept a lot of different subject matter but there are things that just don’t belong.

Unwanted content:

  • Ringtones
  • Weight-loss
  • Porn
  • Teeth whiting
  • Acne
  • Get ex back
  • Anything that smells of a MLM rip-off
  • Low quality content
  • Duplicate content (ie: copy and paste from a clickbank sales page)

If any of these topics are found it will be deleted. If we miss it, the community has the power to vote it down and eventually off the site.

We are more than happy to offer Lensroll up as a place to show off your work but we don’t just allow the junk to pile up around the doors. We take great care to keep the place clean (human monitored) so that we can keep the site in good position in the serp’s and deliver the best quality traffic and backlinks for lensmaster’s and their work that we possibly can.

Hope this helps explain where some bookmarks are, why they go there and how to prevent them getting there.

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