3 Things That Cheese Me Off

Here is my list of the top 3 things that cheese me off in articles (be it blog posts, lenses or hubs)…

1) Titles and URLs with ‘scam’ in it.

Is ‘such and such’ a scam?

9 times out of 10 (and I’m yet to see the other 1 out of 10 but I wanted to avoid saying ALL of them) the answer is no, and there’s an affiliate link.

All these people are trying to do is flood the market, the honest market where people are trying to find out if something is a real scam, with bogus information.

The only thing that’s a scam is their approach to online selling.

2) Reviews that are not reviews

The person hasn’t actually used the product. But they’ll use the word review in the lens title or in the URL and they copy and paste a sales pitch.

Give me personal recommendation. Endorse something that you have experienced. That’s what a review is about. People don’t review movies without having watched the whole thing from start to finish.

3) An article that links to another article which is exactly the same as the first article.

Some less scrupulous online content producers tend to think that more is more and quantity beats quality. That’s not the case.

Treat your audience with respect. Always put yourself in the shoes of the audience. Would you want to be directed to a series of links that take you from article to another identical (or very similar) article?

I’ll be hitting the back button, or closing the tab, or typing in google.com in the address field quick smart if I find that I’m being taken on a ride on the merry-go-ground.

By all means take your readers to another one of your articles that has more, fresh, original on-topic content. Build a bridge of trust with real people and they will follow you anywhere. Until the point where they click out, and hopefully it’s an action that makes you revenue.

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