Four play…

bestinshow.jpg…ers in the Top 100 by Lensrank from my lens portfolio.

I should probably categorise this blog post under Bragging or Boasting. So don’t mind me as a swell up with pride with the realisation that I’ve achieved a personal best with having four lenses in the Top 100.

The last 4 days I’ve had three up there setting myself a new record, today, after having been featured yesterday in the Lens Of The Day email I’m a Lensmaster! What now? jumped into #77.

To keep company with Basic HTML for Squidoo #11, Social Bookmarking Sites #35 and Advanced HTML for Squidoo at #40.

While I am on a high I will throw in a disclaimer… don’t focus on lensrank. Enjoy it when you hit the highs, but make sure you unhitch your emotions when it does take a dive. Don’t let it drag you down with it. Concentrating on making quality lenses that are easy to promote (so easy in fact that other people post them in forums you haven’t even heard of) will result in a steady stream of traffic.

Traffic is just one part of the Lensrank equation, and I dare say it plays a big part. So if you’ve got good traffic then lensrank will be a byproduct of that.

Yes, Lensrank is a side effect. I’ll be discussing more about this later once I have collected my thoughts on the subject. I’ve got a few points written up as a draft which currently sitting on my Palm m515 waiting for my attention.

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