nosquatting.jpgLong is the rant I could make about squatters, be they illegally residing in a property (and the ridiculous ‘squatters rights’) or sitting on domain names because they are speculators.

Now with Squidoo there is a new breed of squatter. I call them “lensquatters”. And to some degree I fall within one of the categories that I’ve applied to this habit.

Here’s my definition of the three possible types of lensquatters…

1) Those like me, we’ve got a few lens names claimed and sitting in your account and you fully intend on developing them. But then something else comes up and you put it off again. I have several such lenses.

2) For whatever reason a lensmaster may not be active at Squidoo anymore, and they may have had the same intentions as described above. Or maybe they grabbed a few and lost interest almost as quickly as it took them to sign up. And these lens names have been sitting in limbo ever since.

3) The speculators. They believe that a lens name, by itself, might be worth something one day. So they’ll hang onto it. Waiting for Squidoo’s popularity to grow even bigger, its star shine even brighter, and then they’ll sell the name to the highest bidder.

I trust that the only people reading this blog post is from group number 1.

Here’s a tip, don’t claim any more names, don’t dream up any more projects, concentrate on the ones you’ve got. Develop them, improve them and publish them. Do it sooner rather than later.

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