Actor Kutcher followed by one million twits

Ashton Kutcher first to have one million followers on Twitter…

ACTOR Ashton Kutcher has become the first “Twitterer” to have one million followers on the popular micro-blogging website after a hotly-contested race against news network CNN.

Kutcher cracked open a bottle of champagne as he announced his victory live on Twitter and UStreamTV moments after he passed the one million mark.

“Victory is ours”, Kutcher tweeted, describing the moment as a “changing of the guard”.

“We have shown the world that the new wave is here, it is present and it is ready to explode.

“You guys are all of it because I can’t follow me, so I don’t even count.

“We can and will create our media. We can will and edit our media. We can and will broadcast our media. We will censor our own media ourselves.”


Twitter LogoClick on the ‘Source’ for more words of self-congratulatory back-patting. Anyone would think the Berlin Wall had been pulled down again.

It was almost two years ago that I wrote this short article titled Do you Twitter?

Maybe it’s just me, but I still haven’t figured out how I can use it to the greatest effect. Without being mindless, boring or just creating a lot of noise.

For me it’s just a Facebook Status Update, but far less personal.

The one person I have found that’s using Twitter to the fullest is this guy.

Sometimes less really is more (entertainment factor).

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